The Church:

  • Royse City Church of Christ - My home congregation. This has quite a few links so I’ll just link to it. They also link to the...
  • Gospel Broadcasting Network - Just like an instant sermon over the web. Very nice to learn form, but don’t neglect reading the Bible.
  • House to House Media Player - Helpful videos and some audio. Just click on “View Suggested Playlists” in the lower right hand corner.
  • Apologetics Press - A great resource to find an answer to critics and build Scriptural faith.


While “FW! Adventures” and the “Crimson Flag Comic” are fairly child safe, the others may not be, so parental guidance is recommended.

FW! Adventures Crimson Flag Comic Lackadaisy

Solar/Wind/Renewable Energy and Saving Energy:



  • - A comic listing site that I have an account with to promote my [now old and no longer updated] comic. This is the return link.
  • Teralab - Unofficial tutorials on glass blowing and light bulb/neon making. Learn how to make a spot welder as well.