Code Lyoko Theme Pack

     I am not trying to promote or support all values of the Code Lyoko series. Though the Code Lyoko series is designed to promote moral and slightly educational values, please be aware that not all values are positive (an example would be pride), thus concluding the idea of it’s sole purpose: to entertain. Please read and rely on the Bible, the inspired word of the only true living God, to fully understand differences between right and wrong. Also check out Thanks.

TERMS OF USE: I’m not liable for what YOU do to YOUR computer or anything else. That’s as simple as it gets. Everything has tested successfully within a Windows XP Service Pack 1 environment. You cannot sell whole or any portion of the Code Lyoko Theme Pack! However, you may tell someone to go here to download it: Code Lyoko is ©ANTEFILMS PRODUCTION/France 3/Canal J.

     I developed this theme because I caught interest in Code Lyoko, but also because I don’t like one-sided wallpapers nor the poor selection of icons or screen savers I found elsewhere. But this will take care of that! I know some people don’t like Code Lyoko, but that’s probably because they can’t stand it being the second highest rated show in its target age range of 6-12 year olds. Though I’m sure everyone could care less about what age you are, you can never be too old for animated entertainment. Besides, it’s better than some of the other weird and stupid stuff I’ve seen. The large foreheads don’t bother me, I think it’s a neat trademark characteristic that makes it unique and apart from the traditional stuff (Not that I know much at all about anime). However, what really makes it unique is the 2D and 3D blend! Anyway, I’ve included “Readme” files for each category of the theme. The Code Lyoko theme files I provided in the full download will only set your cursors, icons, wallpaper, and screen saver, however, to install the logon and boot screens, read their Readme files (unless you already know how to install them), but don’t stop there! You have a choice from several different cursors and icons you can use for different things, so don’t forget to read the Readmes to see what all you can do! Below are previews, specifications, and separate downloads for each category of the theme. The full download comes with everything.
-ALH (adam_l_humphreys(at)

Download the full Code Lyoko Theme Pack!!! (6.28 MB)
(Size is 23.4 MB when extracted.)

Boot Screens:

CL Boot Screens

- Supported operating system: Windows XP Home or Professional (or perhaps Windows Server 2003 as well).
- 7 boot screens included.
- Previews are included.

Download Boot Screens (161 KB)



- Supported resolution: 32x32 pixels at 32-bits.
- 30 cursors included.

Download Cursors (111 KB)


CL Icons

- Supported resolutions for standard icons included: 72x72 pixels at 32-bits and 8-bits, 48x48 pixels at 32-bits and 8-bits, 32x32 pixels at 32-bits and 8-bits, 24x24 pixels at 32-bits and 8-bits, and 16x16 pixels at 32-bits and 8-bits.
- Supported resolutions for XANA icons except “XANA Supercomputer.ico”: 72x72 pixels at 32-bits, 48x48 pixels at 32-bits, 32x32 pixels at 32-bits, 24x24 pixels at 32-bits, and 16x16 pixels at 32-bits.
- Supported resolutions for sample icon “Icon.ico”: 72x72 pixels at 32-bits, 48x48 pixels at 32-bits and 1-bit, 32x32 pixels at 32-bits and 1-bit, and 16x16 pixels at 32-bits and 1-bit.
- 58 icons included.

Download Icons (1.11 MB)

Logon Screen:

CL Logon Screen

- Supported operating system: Windows XP Home/Professional with Service Pack 1.
- Supported screen resolution: 1024x768 and higher.
- Preview is included.

Download Logon Screen (586 KB)

Screen Saver:

CL Screen Saver

- You must have Macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher installed on your system to use this screen saver. You can download Adobe Flash Player at:
- Supported screen resolution: 1024x768 and higher.
- Available with or without music.
- Preview is included.
- Note: The screen saver may not function properly under some circumstances, such as later Windows XP updates among other things.

Download Screen Saver (3.68 MB)


CL Wallpaper

- Supported screen resolutions: 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024.

Download Wallpaper (980 KB)